Commercial Stainless Steel - A Strong Sink Selection

Keeping hands clean is the number-one priority in foodborne illness prevention for food processing plants. That's why ITEC America's top-of-the-line stainless industrial steel sinks and cleaning basins are uniquely designed to prevent outbreaks and secure your company's peace of mind. Choose from our wide variety of advanced equipment ranging from single-person rinse sinks to multi-person sanitize, wash, and dry set-ups. We have the stainless steel sinks that your food processing plant needs to ensure your workers meet all FDA requirement. We offer a number of models available, from one faucet sinks to floor mounted models with 5 faucets, as well as those that come equipped with soap dispensers.

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One-Faucet Sink
with Soap Dispenser
Model # 20550
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Two-Faucet Sink
Model # 20520-2W

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Two-Faucet Sink with
Turbo Track & Soap Dispensers
Model # 20550-2W
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Three-Faucet Sink with
Soap Dispensers
Model # 20550-3W
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Floor-Mounted Sink
-5 Faucets
Model # 20550-5W
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Turbo Trock

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